Hemp-EaZe™ Holiday Bath Set


Happy Holidays!

This comforting set includes

Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm,

Hemp-EaZe™ Embrace Bath Tea, and

Hemp-EaZe™ Lavender and Hemp Massage Oil.


Created by popular demand, Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm is different from ALL the rest. It doesn’t just lay on the lips suffocating them. it’s formulated to “Heal” by feeding the lips to keep them healthy. This lip balm quickly quenches chapped lips, soothes and brings them back to health. Hemp-Eaze™ Lip Balm is healing, stimulating, antiseptic, with omegas 3, 6, & 9. 100% natural soy and paraben, petroleum free. 1/2 oz. container.

Contains;  Hemp Root, Hyssop, Sage, Honey, Olive and Hemp Seed Oils. Paraben and Soy Free.


Hemp-EaZe™ Embrace Herbal Bath Tea will tantalize your senses. Made with the raw cut herbs of the Famous Hemp-EaZe™ Healing Formula. Embrace your whole body with the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe™.  It’s one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic ways to relax, relieve sore muscles and soothe your skin.

3 Herbal Bath Tea Bags in a set – GOOD FOR THREE BATHS.

Please follow instructions for use.
First, boil a quart of water and remove from heat. Place the whole green bag in boiled water, cover pot and let steep for over 20 minutes. Stir gently from time to time until a dark color is reached. Then Just throw bag and tea into your bath water and swirl to mix, Then forget your troubles, and enjoy.
A Hemp­-EaZe Embrace Soothing Hemp Root Bath Tea soak is one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic ways to relax and heal.
* Do not use aluminum pots.
* Please compost remains.

Hemp-EaZe™ Lavender & Hemp Root Nourishing Massage Oil

A soothing natural beauty treatment that deeply nourishes your skin as your body and mind relax. 

The organic, handcrafted hemp root-lavender extract provides a soothing layer of warmth that unwinds your taxed and tight muscles to relieve stress. Works on deep tissue and bone aches. Hemp Seed and Olive oils are soothing for dry skin, leaving it silky smooth while restoring moisture and nourishment.  Hemp-EaZe™ massage oil may also be added to your bath, a few drops in the water makes it a nourishing soak.
But it’s not just for massage, we’ve found the oil worked well for ear aches, scratched eyes, burns, rashes, even cuticles and as a wrinkle cream.
Hemp-EaZe massage oil is Packed with omegas, 3, 6, & 9 from hempseed oil.  Essential oils from lavender calm your mind while your skin soaks in soothing nourishment and your muscles get some potent and well-deserved replenishment. 
Paraben and Soy Free.

This concentrated oil comes in 4oz. of healing in triple-strength.

* Results May Vary
  • Item #: 500-1
  • Manufacturer: Tierra Sol Farm

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