Warming Gift Set
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This gift set is unique, as it will provide warmth year around The warming Gift set includes; one jar of Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy cream plus a custom blown glass warming spoon in a gift box! This is how it works; These warming spoons were Handcrafted to take small amounts of Hemp-EaZe™ creams and balms, and gently warm it. Warmth not only will activate the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe™ but also makes the product penetrate easily deeper into the tissue, sore muscle, and deep bone. Helping to reduce swelling, ease aches and pain, working deep into the joints. * Place a small amount ( 1/8 tsp.) of product into the spoon. * Hold spoon part above heat, such as a candle flame, lighter, Stove flame. Until the cream begins to bubble and remove immediately and let the cream continue to melt in the spoon. Making sure not to over heat it. * Then rub deeply into bothersome area and feel the tension ease away. Over time the colors will deepen on them the more you use it Then it develops into your own personal medicinal spoon.
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Warming Gift Set

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